Stefany June - The Beat That My Heart Plays

Stefany June is a German singer-songwriter living in the Netherlands whose artistry spins on a luminous axis of voice and soul. It's not white picket fences, but rather sounds like it’s taken seasons of weather to distress and wear down her chords to perfection. It’s “go time” without the need or desire to sit pretty. Instead, Stefany’s voice compliments her smoky, shimmering glare, her eyes so knowingly staring into you and providing a compelling, scintillating performance. And it’s okay to admit what gritty thoughts stir, because she not only gets it, she’s written a song about it.

“The Beat That My Heart Plays” is a compelling, thoughtful and artfully composed song that balances wistful maturity with a certain earnest and eternally young expression. Not quite pop, not quite anything else, it showcases a beautiful balance between an unrepressed journal entry and comforting arm around the shoulder. Stefany explains...

“Sometimes you want to write a song and sometimes the song just wants to be written. With ‘Beat That My Heart Plays’ the second option was the case. I wrote this song for a friend who was caught in depression, as a lullaby to calm the storm in his head.”

Listen below.