Best of The Cross-Genre Stuff (Pt. 4)

Here we go again! For more info on this section, click here.

"Whitney Houston - Fine (LeMarquis & FAB Remix)"

First thing we've got is this, from French producer LeMarquis and his compadre FAB. Love these funky beats...especially underneath Whitney.

"E.A.S.Y. - Coming Around Again"

These guys are cool. That's all I got. They are just cool as fuck.

"Elaksi - Breakdown"

This one's way out there. Waaay out there. But it's a rush. It's a thrill. Definitely worth a listen.

"Kaytranada ft. Vic Mensa - Drive Me Crazy" I really have to say anything about this one?

"The Weeknd - Wicked Games (nosleep Remix)"

nosleep took it way back with this and brought back all the feels of this early The Weeknd hit.

And wrap up part 4 here...we've got an EP I've personally been excited about for months...

"Royal - Cycles (EP)"

This is one of the most creative and exciting EPs to come out in the last year I think. Full thing streaming below...let us know what you think!

Until next time guys!

<3 Robbie