Best of The Cross-Genre Stuff (Pt. 1)

I've been writing here on for a few months now. I came on board to help Yaqui keep up with the endless stream of great music he finds daily, and it's been my pleasure to share so many great artists' music here on this site that's dedicated to songs that could one day be called "classics". 

There's definitely a certain kind of sound that stands for, and in my experience of the site, it's mostly had a lot of different kinds of cool House music to offer, with some seriously great independent Hip-Hop and R&B sprinkled in. I love the music offered here, which is why I came on board.

As a music lover first and above all, I wanted to contribute something to that hits a little closer to home for me personally...with Yaqui's permission, of course. I got into dance music because of Justice and early French House like The Phantom's Revenge...and over the years I've gotten into many different forms of what people call EDM.

My love for good House, Disco, and electronic Funk will never go away. But I also grew up on Hip-Hop, so when dance music really started to cross genres with more urban styles, I found a new love...

Below is the first part of a section on I call "Best of the Cross-Genre Stuff".

"The Griswolds - Live This Nightmare (NGHTMRE Remix)"

LA’s NGHTMRE remix’s an immaculate Folk/Alternative vocal from the The Griswolds' “Live This Nightmare.” 

"Theophilus London ft. Jesse Boykins III - Tribe (DJ Sliink & Nadus Remix)"

Don't even get me started on Jersey Club...

"Royal - Passenger"

The opening to Royal's upcoming 'Cycles' EP sounds extremely promising...

"Coyote Kisses - Revive"

This is just too good.

"Pitbull ft. Ne-Yo - Time Of Our Lives (Doobious Remix)"

Alright. I know what you're going to say, trust me. I've heard it already. "Pitbull? Ne-Yo? Really?" Hold up. Open your mind for a second. This remix comes from Doobious, whose backed by Get Right Records and one of Trap music's most respected producers, Benzi. This is really good.

Until next time!

- Robbie