Matoma - Feeling Right (Everything Is Nice) feat. Popcaan & Wale

Here's Matoma's new single, a mixture of Chill House and Reggae Vibes—all tropical everyt'ing (see what I did there?). Since he made such a good job at describing it here's his thoughts:

My inspiration for this single is a mixture between old school rhythms combined with a chill tropical flavor. When I created the track I wanted to bring Jamaican vibes together with rap vibes and ended up doing a collaboration together with Popcaan & Wale. I am really proud of this track because I have created something original and inspirational and I hope you like it. This song is all about meeting challenges in life but if you are surrounded with good energy from your love ones "everything is nice". My energy comes from you guys and this track is for my fans and supporters <3 <3