My golden collection of Sonic Q-Tips for this Sunday

Cleanse your ears with these Q-Tips that ride on different waves, tempos and situations but all sit securely apart from everything else that you've been listening to lately. Trust me, hit play and chill.

Like most of the times our boy Delusion touches an original, he takes it to his Future territory while maintaining the original soul almost intact. R&B and chill, son.

Sexy vocals, sexy lyrics, sexy sax, sexy percussions and sexy brass. All sexy everything. This is such a sonic Q-Tip. I bow to you Alxndr London.

This is hot on so many levels of chill it's not even funny. I'm like 😧. Who are you Lex Low and where did you come from? Next level Future R&B for sure.

And last but not least, a track I skipped from sharing with you a couple weeks ago when it topped the charts of the inter webs. A fresh new take by Fhin on Telepopmusik's eternal instant classic Breathe. Future chill.