Stephen - Fly Down

I don't know what to call the music Stephen does. I was swept off my feet by his first single Remembering Myself—which I never got around to writing about but have heard incessantly for weeks and weeks since its release on Spotify. 

Just like his first iteration, Fly Down shines on the vocals, the composition, the production and overall vibe. Where Remembering Myself had really catchy hooks, this one has a more pensive aura about it and a classical piano that takes some complex emotions on a stroll. 

Here's what he had to say about this new single:

It was written over the course of two years and the inspiration for it was drawn from so many different experiences. Like the rest of my album, the song touches on complex emotions that are hard to explain, but at the core, it’s just about a man trying to find his way.

In case you missed the sick first single of his upcoming LP, check it out below: