LVNDSCAPE Ft. Joel Baker - Speeches (Radio Edit)

I first heard this song on Sam Feldt's mixtape and immediately called him up asking about this tune. Perhaps anyone that follows this blog is familiar with the sounds of LVNDSCAPE since I'm such a rabid fan but to the rest of the world I believe he's the biggest unknown star of the Tropical House movement. You can totally quote me on that one.

With Speeches, LVNDSCAPE puts his money where his mouth is and walks the walk he has gone through in his remixes this year. His particular use of chords and instruments is just as alive here as in any other great release but it is Joel Baker's soaring vocals that take this one to the next level. I cannot not think of John Newman when hearing him—that said, it doesn't take one bit away from the praise this release deserves. It marks the consistency with which the SOURCE record label has been releasing tracks in 2015. 

To not include this one in your 2015's Hottest Tropical House Songs playlist would be a big mistake.