The Attic Sleepers Vs Morten Hampenberg - Airport (Original)

There's this tune that has been lingering in my head for days incessantly. And I must start by giving our family blog EMPT and its writer CP a nod for putting this one on our radar. 

The song is magical through its simplicity, catchiness and spatial vibe that transports the listener into another dimension. Somehow, they injected some tropical rhythms and while they don't lead, they also don't belong in the background. Everything works in perfect harmony and yet I know nothing about its authors The Attic Sleepers or Morten Hampenberg. There Nordic sounds and those Nordic lights man... I tell you.

I’m freezing in the oven


I just heard the original version of Airport by The Attic Sleepers and it's a harmonious tune full of swelling melodies and vocal harmonies that's quite different from this one featured. Apparently Morten Hampenberg took it to another level. Not necessarily a better or worst one, just a different one that we happen to like more.