Remix Of The Week: Ariana Grande & The Weeknd - Love Me Harder (Gryffin Remix)

After a 4+ months wait, Gryffin's last remix of 2015 sees the light. The hit song receives the now world-famous Gryffin sound. And the particularity of it all is, that in the middle of every release he puts out, there's a hoard of attempts to copy his sound, or perhaps pay homage to it. And while to some it might seem difficult to tell one from another, the other day I heard Goldroom's Leave A Trace remix for CHVRCHES—and maybe it's my ear, and maybe we hear what we want to hear but I heard some Gryffin in it. And no, by this I do not mean Josh copied Dan. Josh is an accomplished musician that I believe was producing music way before Dan and has all the merits he deserves as an artist. The only point I'm trying to make is that: 

Gryffin's influence is not only permeating to his listener's ears but also to his fellow colleagues' hearts.