Fresh To Death - February 2015 Edition

Here is a hand-picked selection of songs you most probably haven't heard and are also fresh to death. They bring something new to the table even if it's a distinct old sound. Here's why you should listen to these songs:

Kiso Armic & Neven's collaboration takes some of the transmission voice-over's from NASA and merges them seamlessly with guitar licks of Deep House heaven. It is in a stratosphere of its own. Just the right amount of sun is shining on this one.

This take on I Just Wanna Love U by July Child stopped me in my tracks. From the first few seconds you feel it's destined for greatness. Matoma proved that Hip Hop & Tropical House is a winning combo and when you hit it like July Child did, you're up there with M and the rest. 

Maybe I have an obsession with Suprafive's remixes. Maybe they're that good. Whichever one it is, he kills it one more time with a pitched-down version of Sexy Thing. The emotion and melodies contrast in the dark place that he goes on his remixes. Yet somehow there's always light and the end of the tunnel. Only by listening to the song can you understand this.

Matvey Emerson is one of my favourite artists from Spirit Soul Records (arguably my favourite record label of 2014 and part of 2013), in Hold You it is Nu Disco, Deep House and some bouncy synths that almost feel like they're gonna run away on you — and then you realize it's Matvey Emerson: a guy that is a relative newcomer yet sounds like a veteran on his sounds.

I'm super wary of remakes and remixes of classics. But here's the thing. This is a hit because of the arrangement and personality of the new take on the production. The Balearic Sea Disco vibe that we've been telling you about from almost two years ago is present here. It takes its time, it's even more chill than the original. And while you might be tempted to compare to the original or other remixes, I beg you not. Take this one for what it's worth and appreciate it. If you put down your preconceptions you might find beauty here. 

This is the avant-garde tune of the selection. Some of the chillest and coolest Future House/Bass whatever-they're-calling-it-these-days-kind-of-jam. Whoa. Arapaima did something that would make Flume jealous.

My Freshest Obsessions

And here are the two tracks that have stolen not only my hearts but my ears as of late. I cannot, for the life of me, stop playing them.