FRANKIE - Problems Problems

If you haven't heard of this girl FRANKIE, well, it's my absolute pleasure to introduce you to her music. She oozes California cool and so does this new single off her upcoming EP, 'Dreamstate'. “Problems Problems”, officially out as of yesterday, is a relaxed, soulful ode to a romance that might be approaching its expiration date.  Much like her music, Frankie’s style is a mix of retro and contemporary -- think floral baby-doll dresses paired with Converse high tops -- and she’s 100% in control of her artistic vision. So it’s no wonder her influences are just as diverse. FRANKIE says...

“I want to bridge together the sound of women from the ’70s, like Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell, with women from the ’90s, like Alanis Morissette and The Spice Girls,” Frankie explains. “They were completely unique, sang exactly what was on their minds and represented a real time of girl power, which is something I try to channel into my music." 

Incredibly beautiful song right here. Painful, maybe, but so beautiful. Listen.