Spotlight: Meet my favourite band from last year: Pr0files

The first time I hit play on Call Yourself a Lover it stopped me in my tracks. It was the arpeggiated chords, yes. But it also was that first line:

You call yourself a lover, but you fucked up the game.

You see, Pr0files, from the very first second and consistently in every single song released after the other, sounds like something I have loved since I was a kid and at the same time something I just started loving in my 30s. The bridge in Call Yourself a Lover and the breathless moment that follows are part of the magical surprises that affect you no matter how many times you have heard it before.

Forgive goes forward to go backwards. It sounds like it is an original song from the movie Drive's OST. Forgive actually is the type of song so strong that sometimes you just wish you'd be living in a heartbreak to sing it out loud and truly feel that shit. Lauren Pardini's voice truly shines here when she evokes the raw emotions of a heartbreak. 

Get it Up is the brand new 2015 original from this L.A. duo. Not only does it live to the expectations but it makes sure that there is no questionable doubt of the quality and consistency Pr0files is able to deliver as a group. I had to stop listening to the first 3 singles so I didn't become saturated by them and now I don't have to. Lets rape the play button on Get it Up and hope there's another one not long from now.

Welcome to Neu-80s music.