Julia Lauren - Reckless (Bobby Green Remix)

So, I've been writing about Bobby Green's music for years now. I've been with him since the very beginning, and I'll tell you, he's come a hell of a long way since his early remixes like his premature electro-pop take on LMFAO's "Shots". It's been so rad to hear his sound progress, and it's been even cooler watching him explode onto the mainstream of EDM.

For his latest mix, he's taken on Julia Lauren's "Reckless", which I'll admit I still haven't listened to the original yet...but trusting in my red bandana-wearing friend Bobby Green, no doubt, he's delivered yet another exhilarating, uplifting piece of electronic dance music using Julia's powerful vocals. Bobby Says...

"I think the biggest thing that made me want to put my own spin on this song was the way it made me feel. From the first time I heard this song, I felt excited. I think that’s the overall effect of the great writing combined with Julia’s voice; you feel the love and the excitement in this track. Julia really killed it on these vocals.”

Listen below.