Meet: Aérotique

Aérotique is a young Swiss DJ, producer and remixer, who through initial classical piano and percussion training soon realised that what fascinated him was the upcoming Berlin tech-house movement, which eventually led to his own active participation.

With solid groundwork and having honed his skills as a producer in his chosen home of Zurich, Patrick is set to release his first ever EP (“Five Dollar Play”) with the Anglo-Iberian label sinnmusik.

As Patrick is an open minded person with vivid inspiration, he doesn’t want to be pegged down to one style. His sound is the result of different genres that have influenced him throughout the years with a twist of his own quality and passion.

Patrick's approach is about to transmit joy and happiness over his productions.We can expect at least 7 new songs in 2015. This includes a 4 track EP with a remix by Bis Boys Please and 3 free songs shared on SoundCloud.

Our opening track for this selection is his collaboration with the well-known outfit Parra for Cuva called Unique. Something is for sure, this collab was released in 2013 and I have been listening to it nonstop for the last few weeks and not once has it felt older than an hour. Its lack of words only highlights the musical journey it takes you through. And just when you least expected it, the harmonies kick in. Truly uplifting tune.

Here's the one you play to chill and unwind. While the previous listen was uplifting, this one is totally the unwinder. The deep playful tones apparently cannot get rid of the dark and golden sun tan the balearic sun left on this track's skin. This one is better served chilled -- it will melt your ice.

This is the latest release and the second single from the EP. A song reminiscent of warmer climes. I can almost taste the summer.