RIVRS - Last Love

Kitsuné is one of the most consistent sources of new faces, sounds, designs, apparel and overall tastemakers of the last half decade or so IMHO. In their new compilation they have included a song that has pierce my ears and brain and I cannot get rid of. I'm talking about RIVRS' song Last Love. Aside from being the featured vocal talent on singles by Mao Ra Sun and Lóbo.

Sadly there is no information about RIVRS, but this is what we know about this single that appears in this great compilation. The lyrics are great, with metaphors like clinging on to someone to pull herself together...

I'm gonna wrap my arms around you so I can pull myself together again.

I dare you to get this slow burner out of your head. It's available on iTunes and Spotify but good luck trying to find anything else on Google. You can download Kitsuné's New Faces II now on iTunes or stream on Spotify.

The idea of reminiscing of a Last Love has never felt this good.