Bakermat - Another Man

Many heard Bakermat for the first time this year after his huge global success Teach Me. But the truth is Bakermat was doing Tropical House/Melodic House since before it had a name. I had heard his stuff before but I started following him and supporting his tunes in 2013 when I wrote about Intro, an exclusive track he built for his shows. I have included it here so you can enjoy it.

I find very on point the answers he gave in the Dancing Astronaut interview a couple days ago. I agree with him on all accounts and I can say so because I witnessed the events as he relates them.

In Another Man he concocts a completely new arrangement of Another Man Done Gone by Vera Hall after a sleepless nights of cigarettes in the kitchen. Before the Kygos and Thomas Jacks there was Bakermat and you can tell from his maturity that's evident in this track.