The Sonic Secrets I've kept from you

It was only last week we featured a Zwette remix and now here you have an original. This one features Molly and is called Rush -- it's a slow burner and we're loving it at that BPM.

Ed Sheeran covers radio hit from last year Coco and Hitimpulse takes it up a notch. The way we love it here at We don't know if it's the muffled vocals over the build or that sick kick drum pattern but we can't get enough of this one.

Oh Wonder leaves us without words once again. And the reason is that they keep doing things like Technicolour Beat over and over again. It's going to be hard de-throning Oh Wonder as our band of the year.

Our friend Le Mélomane pointed us to this cool track called Eva from Pacific and while we don't know much about the artists, the song had us bouncing on cloud 9 for the day. We believe the same will happen to you. Hit play.

I put this one on Repeat 1 all day long and figured I had to share it. I think I found it in the New Faces Vol. II compilation by the always-awesome Kitsuné peeps. Hit play and you'll understand why this Cesare remix is all that.

Maybe I was the only one not to have posted Goldroom's new remix. Until now.

For some reason Arty went out of his way and stopped me in my tracks when I listened to his take on one of my favourite Ed Sheeran tunes.

I spent all week last week listening to this one and had not a chance to post it. Lost Kings killed it on this one.

I played this one so much that I had to put it in a corner for a few days. It's that sticky.

Our friend Suprafive did an official remix for Lenno and it sounds great. A little away from his usual stuff but it is welcome nonetheless.