Ratatat - Cream On Chrome

I call Ratatat mine since 2008. There's nothing out there like them and I can't explain how much I missed them. The New York duo that got their name after an acid trip and hearing the onomatopoeia ratatatatat is back again and Cream On Chrome lets us see the light of LP5

Lets talk about the song. From the first second the funky guitar licks and riffs take over your attention and that classic Ratatat drop just takes away the most feeble sign of self-control that you could claim. Like a good drug it highlights whichever state you're in -- be it a positive one or a negative one. And that's not a bad thing. When a sonic production can do these things it deserves a place with other brain-altering and mood-inducing substances—not on your list of "cool bands I can brag about". 

This is an Instant Classic and as timeless as all their previous tracks.