Rationale - Fast Lane

Is this Morrissey's bastard? Where did he come from? How cool is his voice? How chill yet groovy is this production? Why does this song make me wanna cruise in Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes by the sea? So many questions. And while we figure out the answers we get to listen over and over again to this infatuating debut by Rationale. I don't care what genre this is and I'm not even gonna try to categorize it.

His voice was born to soundtrack movies, epic music videos and real-life romantic settings. At the same time —and here is where the polarization gets interesting— after Joni Mitchell of course, Rationale might have the saddest voice in the world. 

The only flaw in this song is how short it is, it makes us sad. Good thing we can secretly rape that play button.