Jamie xx - Loud Places (ft Romy)

For some reason a song featuring two members of one of my favourite bands in the world released a song and I didn't get the news. It was today when a remix was featured on the Popular chart on the Hype Machine that I came to notice it. The video kept me smiling the whole 5 minutes. Jamie xx's production is as on point as ever and makes me want to look even more forward to his album In Colours and Romy's voice is as special and unique as always. 

For being a chill song it has a certain hands-in-the-air feeling. It's a beautiful concoction of ingredients I used to love by themselves—together.

And then there's this eekkoo remix (more like an edit) which highlights and adds a beat and other subtleties to make it more club-friendly. He also plays rhythmically with looped parts of the original and it works out pretty well IMHO. I'm a purist when it comes to The xx, and even I have to admit this is pretty cool. 

Because under no circumstances can you miss this video, I am including it. Truth be told, while watching it it made me realize how much I miss London — more than I'd like to admit out loud. *sigh*