Oh Wonder - Midnight Moon

I'm almost two weeks behind on music posts. Sorry guys, I was on vacations in NYC. While there, I got to meet Anthony Volodkin the founder/creator of Hype Machine. He treated me breakfast at a kickass spot in Williamsburg. Good coffee, amazing waffle. Point is that Anthony validated what I told him we had been doing since this blog was created in Bogotá and after it was included on the Hype Machine index. This changes things just a bit in three ways: 1) I will post less but better quality. 2) I will continue to focus on the stuff other blogs have not supported and 3) I will be happier and I hope you will too.

On to our post.

While in NY, Oh Wonder released a new tune with the new month. They sent it and I took the opportunity to express how much I like their music but also to ask a question: How do you know a song you've been working on is ready? Their answer: 

That's a good question... for writing a song it's just a feeling; we'll be happy with all the melodies and lyrics, and to continue working it would be to overcook it. Similarly production-wise it's when any extra layers or sounds that we add instead take away the feeling or simplicity from a song. It's easy to get carried away, and far more important to ensure that every single that is happening in the song has its own place.
Thanks so much for your support!

I say: thanks for your music guys.