Great #TBT Mashups by Al Fingers

Courtesy of Sir Neave

Courtesy of Sir Neave

These mashups are years old. But then again, who cares? Some of the originals are older than me! And this is a TBT post after all. 

If you're a regular reader, you know much I hate mashups and try to keep away from them. But when amazing mashups pass by me, I can't help but enjoy and share them. I just discovered DJ Al Fingers, so let's talk about these two productions.

Souls of Mischief & Blondie, need I say more? 

If you thought this was gonna be a song about Wiz Khalifa rapping over Katy Perry, you'd be wrong. It takes the Black & Yellow instrumental and, in an incredibly harmonious way, serves as the bed for Katy's catchy hooks and verses. Crank these up.