Madcon feat. Ray Dalton - Don't Worry (Matoma Remix)

Pretty sure we were the only blog on Hype Machine to write about Madcon and Ray Dalton's Don't Worry and, frankly, not many people were with us if the hearts are any indication. Let's see if Matoma passes some of his chart-topping aura in this remix and it sees better days on the blogosphere. 

The remix differs in the characteristic main melodies that Matoma has risen to fame for and keeps the song on the upbeat road yet with a little more euphoria than the original commanded. The beats also help, but it's the easy to follow melodious chords that make this one rise from the pack.


If you don't know who Matoma is, then let us remind you that he's the Norwegian star we discovered back in May 2014 and who's remix we featured went to be the 2nd most hearted song on Hype Machine for the year of 2014 (27,000+ hearts). It all went uphill after that post, fame, recognition, collaborations, a singular (Matoma) sound, MainStage gigs, Youtube music videos with millions of views and much more. Spotlighting his talent is one of our most proud moments of 2014.