World Premiere: Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding - Outside (Argüello & Mas Tropical Remix)


This blog has seen its fair share of Outside remixes. That said, we couldn't be more excited to showcase this collaboration between Miguel Argüello and Mas Tropical which we first featured back in Christmas last year. 

In this remix we can enjoy pitch-bent vocals, a driving bass line and the drum and percussion kits that characterize the Mas Tropical sound. Yet it is in the polarizing styles that we find this remix wins. 

When we hear this, we see this: an attractive 6 foot tall model wearing broken down jeans on high heels, a white wife-beater, long neck—and I can tell because her hair is pulled up in a messy pony tail with bed hair. The coming together of all these elements maker her sexy as fuck. And sonic-wise, that's what this remix is—sexy as fuck.