Remix of the Week: Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz - Another You (Pretty Pink Remix)

Vocals we know and still linger in our heads, a producer that's been loved for generations and on remix duties an artist that has found a space in our hearts with her killer work. Her bootlegs became famous, one of her remixes entered my Top 10 remixes ever and labels in Europe are noticing this pattern of quality. 

The evidence is in this new Armada Deep release. On Pretty Pink's rendition of the AvBxMr. Probz new single, Armin apparently read my mind when he said: 

"I love the direction she took on this remix of 'Another You,'" says van Buuren. "The song itself is very upbeat and happy sounding, and she brought a whole other romantic dimension to the song with this remix.”