Instant Classic: The Avener - To Let Myself Go (feat. Ane Brun)

This is my latest obsession. It's not only this song but the man's sound in general. He's the best thing to break out of France in the last couple of years. 

His songs —and To Let Myself Go is a perfect example of this— are Instant Classics. I could tell you this song is a decade old or that it's from the future and you would still believe me. The groove, the feeling and the panache that this song has as a whole is just on another level. 

Anyone can try to cover this song and it wouldn't be the same without Ane Brun's vocals. Anyone could try to make their own rendition of this production and it wouldn't be the same. This is one of those songs you don't mess with. It's perfect as is.

As a bonus I'm including his global hit Fade Out Lines that topped charts left and right everywhere except here. Cause you can't say you've heard The Avener if you haven't heard this one:

P.S: In case you didn't notice, this is another Instant Classic.