ZHU X AlunaGeorge - Automatic (HQ)

ZHU is back, and this time in an original collaboration with AlunaGeorge for the single Automatic. All we know is that it is the first sound to come from the Genesis series and that it was named Hottest Record In The World by BBC Radio 1 (stream the rip below featuring interview snippets). 

The single features a sexy saxophone, an even sexier AlunaZHU's silky voice is present albeit with a heavy emphasis on live instrumentals, taking his musical evolution a step further. A couple days ago I received a music video featuring an animated audiovisual soundtracked to this song but not mention of it until today.

The most interesting part about this evolution is that it still manages to walk in perfect balance the thin line between radio-friendly and underground sound.

Awaiting the formal release of this song, the only thing we have left is to roam around GenerationWhy.com and pray for a release date.