Instant Classic: Kruse & Nuernberg - Lost N Free

I don't know where to start with this one. I have been waiting almost 4 months to write this—and no, not because I kept it from you. Because it was kept from me. 

I first heard it on a Spirit Soul Records Showcase Mixtape by West.K. On first listen I wrote to him begging he would ID the track for me. Three months later he wrote back with the wrong title. Somehow I found it, and I almost cried. Bought every single version I could find on the web and went home for lunch today. I blasted it in unheard ways on my car. Bang & Olufsen did their part and I played it over and over again at maximum volume level. 

Suffice to say this is up there with my Top 3 songs of 2015.

I don't know who Kruse & Nuernberg are but we owe this insane production to this Berlin duo who teamed up with Brolin, who brought these heart warming vocals.

I feel so biased towards this song that its pointless to keep praising its greatness. All that is left is that you hit play, and like me, fall head over heels for it.