Sorry guys, here's my make-it-up-to-you post

Hey guys, long time no see. Sorry about the absence. Took some vacation days due to national holidays and birthday. Here's some of the things I've been listening to lately. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 

First is Nora En Pure's Saltwater, which is her killer Deep House rework of Spandau Ballet's classic.

Here's LVNDSCAPE feat. Holland Park and Nico Santos. Their production magic fits perfectly with the catchy hooks—this one might just become a radio darling and only adds to the string of hits the mysterious LVNDSCAPE has put out.

This one is special to me for two reasons: 1) it's probably my favourite remix of SNBRN's original, and 2) it must be the best remix I've heard by the talented Gianni Kosta. This remix has the power of transporting you to special places, regardless of how many times you've heard the original. Dude, that organ bass!

I don't know where Water Park came from, but in my heart, they came to stay. Dreaming is the perfect recipe of dreamy electro pop out there—that, and then some.

Bolier & Mingue released a kickass tune on Spinnin' Deep like a month ago and it went by unnoticed. Riverbank hits all the right chords to me—and it has been doing that for like 3 weeks now.

And apparently songstress Mingue is on a roll because she also lent her vocal prowess for EDX's take on Everything But The Girl's classic. I don't care if everyone else is remixing a cover of this song. When I heard those strings on this take, right before the bridge, I knew I wasn't gonna let go easy. 

Louis The Child wins my award for the most played song in my ears for the last two weeks now. Holy sh*t! I sing it out loud in my car, in the shower, at the office—you name it. And while we're loving the original, this is something else. Brace yourselves, you'll be singing this one for weeks.

For the energetic part of this selection we're choosing Lucas & Steve's take on The Magician's Together. It has dancefloor and festival power. And it can take your private party to its climax in less than 5 minutes.

And for the closer, here's something special: my breakthrough artist for 2014+2015, Rationale. While I cannot stop praising him, his trademark vocal, composition and production, I leave you with his latest single. It's great on all levels a song can be cool.