Discovery: Hot Girl Parade


I don't know much about them but I had to introduce you to their sound. A couple hours ago this duo wrote a message telling me about a story where they rented out an AirBnB apartment in Australia and it just so happened that their host was a great singer and went by the name Arel James. Point is they recorded this cover and it ended out being just amazing. 

What's great is not what it attempts, but what it accomplishes with little effort. 

The song has Balearic influences, electro, rock, deep house vibes and some tropical guitar twists that mold into some sort of alt pop. I can't put a label on this and perhaps that's what's so good about it.

And then there's that Nine Inch Nails cover of Closer, which, honestly, I can't tell which I'm more in love with of these two tunes. Enjoy them and do your part in sharing these good tunes.

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