Fresh To Death: February 2016 Edition

Did you loose your shit back in 2004 when Reflekt's Need To Feel Loved came out? Then brace yourself, it's about to happen all over again. Make sure you raise the volume before the 1:30 mark. The trumpets, the build, the euphoria, the distorted vocal work and the drop! Holy f*ck. Now that I think about it, I should have given this one its own post—I just lack the time to write these weeks :(

Never heard of Mi Casa before, or Euphonik for that matter but I am now following them both on Soundcloud. I knew I had to add this one to the list when I found myself singing the chorus in an elevator.

Those guitar licks and that female vocal had me from the get go. And then that deep bass and percussion just made it a perfect tune to soundtrack the road to the beach on a sunny day.

Get ready to clap with this tropical groover by Bit Pythagoras and its energetic Catamaran. This one will sure get your blood pumpin'

The backstory on this one is huge. Like this is a remix of a cover of a song (sung by Peggy Lee) that's two songs away from the original by Little Willie John—or something like that. Anyway, good luck getting the hook out of your head.

Sicilian newcomer Laibert collaborates with Siren Gene on the top note to bring us an energetic chilled yet hot party starter.

Even though I'm mega late to post this one but I could not not support our boy Delusion who we have been supporting since November 2014. While his craft has evolved, his style has been this unique since he came to light. He's always had it in him, so any recognition he gets now is well deserved and long overdue. Congrats on this one, we're really proud of you, your sound and your rising popularity.

This closer is my way of droppin' the mic right before leaving through the door. The problem with this one is that it's not even 2 minutes long! But there are the best 118 seconds you will listen to in a long time. Erykah Badu kills it on this one. Play it on your Spotify app.