Fresh To Death for 4/20 ;)

This is our Fresh To Death selection for this holiday—of sorts. While it's not necessarily music related to the celebrations of the day around the world, they can easily soundtrack your celebratory sessions.

Starting with Don Diablo's new single Silence feat. Dave Thomas, it sees DD in unusual waters for his usual fans—and we actually love it. It serves to show his versatility and talent, while also winning new fans for the superstar.

Fhin's Eh plays like the continuation to But Now A Warm Feeling for those of us who were left feeling wanting more. It's like Fhin lives and breathes with ease in a world of his own. 

Tensnake is one of that handful of artists that we like so much that we usually try to say little when we write about a new single since it's so obvious how biased we are. That's why we'll leave you to just hit play and enjoy the magical sounds of this new Tensnake single Silence which was inspired by a trip to Malaysia.

I've held out on this Koni sticky jam for some days now. And I'm so sorry about that, but here it is. Koni did what Koni does, and like the one's before, this is a winner. Drake fans rejoice.

I've tried, but I seriously have not been able to get Moonboy Inc's Postcards From The Moon out of my head. I hope the same thing happens to you, it's only fair.

This Tropical Chill tune by Sÿde and Ashe is just music to my ears.

Oh, The Avener... Once again a gorgeous deep house gem found thanks to him and his We Go Deep compilation. This is a highlight from that compilation. FatouMata killed it.

Sean Glass is controversial persona in the music industry. Yet he keeps putting out remixes that we love. And when it comes to music, that's all that really matters—isn't it?

This next track by Jan Blomqvist is on another level of cool. It begs to max out the volumen and close your eyes as you get lost in this trance. Bravo Armada Deep for putting this one out.

Last but not least is one of the most played songs in my daily playlist.