Things you need to hear, today.

Truth be told, I don't know jack about Antra but he had me at the trumpets. Who U Really Are is like a music festival in one song—and it makes sense. It has different vibes for different tastes and they are bound together in a pretty strong texture of sonic fabrics. I'm really glad he reached out to me out of the blue. From the moment I heard this tune, I knew I wanted to tell you about it.

Luca Schreiner must be tired after putting out his take on Missing. It's a hit on Spotify and all other digital music outlets. On this chill out take on Drake's Hotline Bling we see him navigating with ease these waters he knows way too well.

Then there's Simon Bytar's take on KSHMR's single Touch. Tropical flip at its best.

Ever since Martin Garrix's people told us about this tune we have not been able to stop playing it. We can't understand why but what we do understand is why Martin signed Area21 to his new label STMPD RCRDS.

Rise & Fool did it again. They broke my heart just to put it back together with this incredible take on Fhin.

Chances are this one slipped your radar. Until now.

And then there's this 7 minute long masterpiece from Xinobi. Let Bruno Cardoso take us all on a journey through strange and deep places in an Amazon forrest in a humid and hot night that lasts forever yet is never boring. I mean, the whole song is just blocks of surprises as the song progresses and neither is better than the other just perfect in each of its own time.