Make up sex—err, music.

It's almost sex. And it's practically as good as make-up sex. It's been almost 3 weeks since we last saw each other and I'm sorry. I've been swamped with work. Tomorrow I'm flying out to Guatemala for 13 hours—FML. But before I leave, I'll leave you with this fresh to death selection to take on your trip—wherever you're going, or staying ;)

We start with this incredibly haunting tune by Bobby Nourmand. Two words: White Wedding.

Crvvcks' (crooks) version of Fhin's great single is nothing short of bliss. You can actually hear the ocean if you close your eyes upon hitting play. Wow, oh wow. While some might argue, to me, it sounds like a completely different tune.

Two artists I love got together and put out a single. If only for how much we like their work separately, it's only fair we showcase this one. 

My boys LASH outdid themselves on this official remix for Morgan Page. It's quite different from their usual sound—and that's a good thing. The quality in this production you can feel from miles away. The style plays to what's hot yet LASH's very distinct creative prowess shines through in the sonic surprises and stabs it brings.

July Child's remix for Le Youth's Boomerang sounds so timeless it's not even funny. 

My boy Zimmer's remix for Vallis Alps already-great single Young is something else. Why? Here's why. The final destination in which Zimmer takes the listener is not one you haven't been before. Yes it's special but that's not the point, you've been there, when you heard the original them many times. What makes this remix extraordinary is that Zimmer manages to take you to that familiar place while taking the most mystic and unique road. One you have never been before but you enjoy just as much or more than the destination itself. These passages and views only exist in his world, and this remix is a ride through it.

And since apparently I missed 9 months worth of TEEMID releases and there's a slight possibility the same happened to you, enjoy. They are ALL Instant Classics in our humble opinion.

Just as enigmatic as the first single we brought you from AREA21 mysterious duo, this one has a twist. It's more accessible and more catchy than the previous and we're loving it.

Last but not list, this epic piece from Scheinizzl (I wish it was easier to pronounce or write). A masterfully made reinterpretation of Holly Golightly & The Greenhornes - There Is An End