My most recent obsessions

I hope they also become yours.

I'm going to start with the oldest song. Perhaps not to you, but I've been obsessing over this cover of London Beat's I've Been Thinking About You by the Goodluck duo. I first heard it on our friend Sam Feldt's mixtape Zomerkriebels. I think this is such a fresh take that perhaps conveys the spirit of my youth to this day's youth in a completely different way.

Soo, R3hab did a remix that doesn't sound like R3hab, that I'm loving and that if you'd try to make bets on blind guesses of who did this, the last person on your mind would be R3hab. I guess even R3hab couldn't help himself from jumping into the melodic house bus. All that aside, this track is perfect to start your weekend and go to the beach.

I've been singing Blue Marlins in my head for the last week and I hope the same thing happens to you, this isn't fair. Pascal Junior remixed this to a kind of sound that belongs on Spirit Soul Records.

Tourist's U LP I believe I missed most of it. But the song I apparently missed most was this one. U is a treat to one's ears. It bodes well with so many moods.

Apparently after that I Took A Pill In Ibiza remix SeeB went from a little known to a household name overnight. And I'm happy for the guy. We've been supporting him from the start, we fell so head over heels over that Cut Me Loose remix, it still hurts. Wait till the world listens to this one.

I didn't know who Adam Leaver was until he hit me up with this one on Soundcloud. I'm so happy he did. This is such a Q-Tip. We're loving everything about it and think, that even if you're fed up with the original, you'll appreciate this one. Thanks Adam for giving us another go around in completely different ways of a track that won our hearts.

This FlicFlac joint is hot af.

It's AKON, but doesn't sound at all like him. Let's take it back.

I believe this remix of a chart topper by The Knocks didn't get enough coverage from the blogs. Hit play and groove to this.