Fresh To Death: June 6 Edition

tim and otto.jpg

Here's the finest and freshest selection of what's good that's also new that you should listen this Monday morning.

Let's start with this one. To say that Tijs (aka Tiësto) is a genius is an understatement. It is his good ear and his ability to shift and bend with music and the times that have kept him, consistently, at the top of Electronic Music history for more than two decades. Don't believe me? Hear him kill this Deep House remix.

We first heard George Maple's original version of Talk when we hear JackLNDN's remix. We fell in love with both. This time around, Dj Snake brings George Maple in to the studio to lay the voice to his rendition. It's a mixture of the mass-appeal Dj Snake sound + some tropical pan flutes that will bode well with a diverse audience. Towards the last 30 seconds he pays homage to a true deep house sound of France, nice nod. Lean On, Middle and this take on Talk are the reason Dj Snake is a household name around the world. Heck, even my 11 year old step son knows him.

And then there's Oliver Nelson's take on ZAYN's Like I Would. Oh that funk! Pop Funk ON style? Fuck yeah! I never knew anyone could put such a tasteful funked out spin on a pop song like this. You never seize to amaze us Oliver, then again, there must be a reason why we've featured 19 songs he has touched since January 2013. 

Bjonr's Fade Into You ft. Tom Bailey is like that song you could have sworn you've heard before but haven't. It's an uplifting melancholy-filled tune that's made to stay in your head and in your heart. Let this become your new instant classic.

Sllash & Doppe's Decisions has been one of my go-to songs for flying in and out of the country on business trips. It's an energetic and deep tune with grit and candy. We hear a mature evolution of Sllash's sound.

This is Benny Benassi & Vassy's heavily rotated and remixed Even If in a way you've never heard, thanks to Spada. Take this one to the party's climax and to the most underground and darkest hour and it'll bode well with audiences around the world. I love the place he took it.

This one gets to go on this list even if just for that childhood pic of Otto and Tim.