Fresh To Death: Kanye West - Good Life (CS & Miskeyz Remix)

Among all the chillness and tropical infusion music has been undergoing, it is not difficult to get lost in the noise. So if you've forgotten what the personification of epic tropical chillness sounds like, we've got you covered. It sounds like this guitar-plucking version newcomer Christian Schultz (CS) did in a collaboration with one of our musical discoveries back in May, Lyon native Miskeyz. Christian is a student, DJ, producer from a small town just outside of Oslo.

The remix is perfectly timed, arranged in a complete flip which makes it extremely refreshing. There's a funky element that makes it even better. All in all, I am happy to put this one on your radar. 

If people treat this song as good as the song treats the listener, it is destined for great things.

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