Throwback Rhythm

Sir Neave

Sir Neave

Perhaps today is not Thursday (this post was written yesterday) but I could not leave you hanging without your throwback fix. Here is Lushington's sun-drenched version of the eternal cult classic.

While Holter & Mogyoro are not a household name, perhaps we should try to change that. Their deep deep house take on the original rides on Bella Wagner's vocals in a cover of the original. This one's for the DJs with the no-bullshit attitude and for the ones who don't bring back shit that doesn't make a statement in today's picky dance floors.

Before the weekend ends

I didn't want the weekend to end without sharing these weekend-like tracks. 

The first is possibly the only version of Corona's Rhythm Of The Night that I enjoy. And the second we have the label to thank they turned down this remix because it is now a free download. 

Also, I never thought I'd be listening to a progressive house remix of Flight Facilities but the last song in this post proves me wrong.