Discovery: I.O.X.

Meet Stockholm newcomer I.O.X. The best way to describe this act is the way our friend A.E.M said it: "it's like ODESZA and Daft Punk had a baby." It would sound like this. It is naturally groovy and funky. There are times you can almost smell 'Get Lucky' but right then the producer slaps you in the face with a refreshing touch.

Sadly, perhaps because he didn't check the track a couple times before bouncing it, there is a glitch at 1:58. If you can get past that, then don't miss the guitar solo at around the 3:00 mark. It totally makes up for the glitch and you will be air guitar-ing the crap out of it by the second listen.

The Sleepless remix follows the same style of the first track featured yet is a bit more lineal if we could call it that. I not necessarily mean this in a negative connotation. It veers towards the more tropical side of the balance. But just the right amount, no Coppertone type o' shit. I truly can't wait for the next releases by this so-far-unknown new artist.

This guy totally reminds me of a young Oliver Nelson